A Game of Chance

In 1997 Hollis Sigler commissioned 52 artists nationwide to design a unique deck of playing cards mass-produced to raise money and awareness for the Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization. The original drawings sold out before the show even opened.

November 1997–February 1998

Ace of Clubs

Janis Provisor

Two of Clubs

Marian Winsryg

Three of Clubs

Deborah Barrett

Four of Clubs

Rafael Ferrer

Five of Clubs

Riva Lehrer

Six of Clubs

Antonia Contro

Seven of Clubs

Neraldo De La Paz

Eight of Clubs

Susan King

Nine of Clubs

Richard Hull

Ten of Clubs

T.L. Solien

Jack of Clubs

Judy Linhares

Queen of Clubs

Fred Stonehouse

King of Clubs

Lynn Zetzman

Ace of Hearts

April Gornik

Two of Hearts

Nancy Bowen

Three of Hearts

Leon Golub

Four of Hearts

Beth Reisman

Five of Hearts

Kenna Moser

Six of Hearts

Sally Chandler

Seven of Hearts

Howardeena Pindell

Eight of Hearts

Li Lin Lee

Nine of Hearts

Bennett Bean

Ten of Hearts

Jim Lutes

Jack of Hearts

Ellen Lanyon

Queen of Hearts

Betty Woodman

King of Hearts

Nicholas Sistler

Ace of Diamonds

Tony Fitzpatrick

Two of Diamonds

Lou Cabeen

Three of Diamonds

Mary Bero

Four of Diamonds

John Buck

Five of Diamonds

Nancy Fried

Six of Diamonds

Ken Warneke

Seven of Diamonds

Julia Fish

Eight of Diamonds

Gladys Nilsson

Nine of Diamonds

Hollis Sigler

Ten of Diamonds

Leslie Wayne

Jack of Diamonds

Leslie Dill

Queen of Diamonds

Joyce Kozloff

King of Diamonds

Margaret Wharton

Ace of Spades

Nicholas Africano

Two of Spades

William Wiley

Three of Spades

Jan Carmichael

Four of Spades

Richard Hunt

Five of Spades

Audrey Niffenegger

Six of Spades

Harmony Hammond

Seven of Spades

Inez Storer

Eight of Spades

Nancy Spero

Nine of Spades

Christopher Brown

Ten of Spades

Max King Cap

Jack of Spades

Mr. Imagination

Queen of Spades

Katherine Porter

King of Spades

Ed Paschke


Don Ed Hardy


Ann Siems

reverse side of all cards

Hollis Sigler


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