Over the years, Printworks held special group exhibitions--celebratory milestones for the gallery, benefits for cancer research, and even a spectacular birthday surprise for gallery co-founder Sidney Block.


A Game of Chance



The Exquisite Corpse

January 7, 2000–February 5, 2000


Self-Portraits: A Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition

November 17, 2000–February 17, 2001


The Exquisite Snake

Originally exhibited at Jean Albano Gallery December 16–December 31, 2003
Subsequently gifted to the Block Museum of Art and exhibited July 6, 2007–August 26, 2007


The Art of the Bookplate: A Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Exhibition

December2, 2005–February 4, 2006


Cover Stories: The Art of the Book Jacket

December 3, 2010–February 12, 2011

Face Forward: The Art of the Self-Portrait

November 30, 2012–February 9, 2013

Return of the Exquisite Corpse

December 4, 2015–February 13, 2016


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