Invented by the Surrealists of the 1920s, this modern adaptation features the work of 63 artists. The project,
guest curated by artist Audrey Niffenegger, was held at Printworks Gallery January 7, 2000–February 5, 2000.
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Mark Ottens
Charles Slatkoff
Maria Tomasula
Roland Ginzel
Margaret Wharton
Riva Lehrer
Pamela Barrie
Paul Nitsche
William Drendel
Bert Menco
Laurie Hogin
Jennifer Friedrich
Gladys Nilsson
Ellen Lanyon
Tom Lowly
Art Spiegelman
Fred Stonehouse
Dan Mills
Lorraine Peltz
William Conger
John Rush
Jim Nutt
Peter Olson
Dan Estabrook
Paula Campbell
Marian Winsryg
Alan Larkin
Michael Nakoneczny
Heather Accurso
Mr. Imagination
Curtis Bartone
John Santoro
Claire Van Vliet
Phyllis Bramson
Kerry James Marshall
Jno Cook

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