In 1997 Hollis Sigler commissioned 52 artists nationwide to design a unique deck of playing cards mass-produced
to raise money and awareness for the Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization. The original drawings, exhibited
at Printworks from November 1997 to February 1998, sold out before the show even opened. The gallery
has a very nice poster for $25 that illustrates all 52 cards as well as the jokers, back of cards and the box,
with all of the proceeds going to Y-Me.
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Ace of Clubs
Janis Provisor
Two of Clubs
Marian Winsryg
Three of Clubs
Deborah Barrett
Four of Clubs
Rafael Ferrer
Five of Clubs
Riva Lehrer
Six of Clubs
Antonia Contro
Seven of Clubs
Neraldo De La Paz
Eight of Clubs
Susan King
Nice of Clubs
Richard Hull
Ten of Clubs
T.L. Solien
Jack of Clubs
Judy Linhares
Queen of Clubs
Fred Stonehouse
Ace of Clubs
Lynn Zetzman
Ace of Hearts
April Gornik
Two of Hearts
Nancy Bowen
Three of Hearts
Leon Golub
Four of Hearts
Beth Reisman
Five of Hearts
Kenna Moser
Six of Hearts
Sally Chandler
Seven of Hearts
Howardeena Pindell
Eight of Hearts
Li Lin Lee
Nine of Hearts
Bennett Bean
Ten of Hearts
Jim Lutes
Jack of Hearts
Ellen Lanyon
Queen of Hearts
Betty Woodman
King of Hearts
Nicholas Sistler
Ace of Diamonds
Tony Fitzpatrick
Two of Diamonds
Lou Cabeen

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