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Three of Diamonds
Mary Bero
Four of Diamonds
John Buck
Five of Diamonds
Nancy Fried
Six of Diamonds
Ken Warneke
Seven of Diamonds
Julia Fish
Eight of Diamonds
Gladys Nilsson
Nine of Diamonds
Hollis Sigler
Ten of Diamonds
Leslie Wayne
Jack of Diamonds
Leslie Dill
Queen of Diamonds
Joyce Kozloff
King of Diamonds
Margaret Wharton
Ace of Spades
Nicholas Africano
Two of Spades
William Wiley
Three of Spades
Jan Carmichael
Four of Spades
Richard Hunt
Five of Spades
Audrey Niffenegger
Six of Spades
Harmony Hammond
Seven of Spades
Inez Storer
Eight of Spades
Nancy Spero
Nine of Spades
Christopher Brown
Ten of Spades
Max King Cap
Jack of Spades
Mr. Imagination
Queen of Spades
Katherine Porter
King of Spades
Ed Paschke
Don Ed Hardy
Ann Siems
reverse side of all cards
Hollis Sigler

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